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i had my account taken over, but got it back as of May 10th 2007 so everything before that isn't me and sorry for any offense people may take from comments made. Most weren't me, but almost all the BBS were written by me.

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Posted by sk8erguy321 - February 22nd, 2011

i love getting medals on games. I will now only play games that have medals because that is how i roll :)

Posted by sk8erguy321 - January 10th, 2009

I am happy that this is my last day in this town. Ill be moving out on sunday to go back to college after a long (maybe a little too long) break away from it. Ill be doing a lot of video/audio editing, graphical design, and me and my friend are actually going to try and start our own radio show. Thankfully, ill be able to stay away from Newgrounds for a while and keep up on my studies. I wish you all the best and im off!

Posted by sk8erguy321 - December 29th, 2008

So im guessing the Socom Squad hates my guts. Why? because i call it like it is. They are a bunch of shitty flash artists with zero talent who get a bunch of their buttfucking buddies to team up and rate high scores. You know what they will accomplish on this site? ABSOLUTELY JACK SHIT! The thing that pisses me off the most is that they realize no one likes them, but they refuse to change and delete all the reviews that are not in their favor. Well since i don't run this site i can't have them all banned so im just going to say this; GO FUCK YOURSELVES SOCOM SQUAD!!! YOU ARE THE SHITTIEST FLASH ARTISTS OUT THERE AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING YOU LAZY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

I'm glad to have gone on this rant. It brings me peace when i rip open people and they can't even defend themselves. Fuck the socom squad. Fuck them in their stupid asses!

Posted by sk8erguy321 - December 26th, 2008

Oh my fucking god! Are you fucking kidding me. The review pick of the week is the fucking socom squad! Is everyone on this website just getting fucking retarded? i came to this site seeing some of the greatest flash artists ever! Tomorrows nobodies, Blockhead, Weebl and bob, Bitey of Brackenwood, RAB, Awesome by Egoraptor. And now we have fucking retards, DUMB ASS FUCKING MORONS RUINING OUR PORTAL! IS ANYBODY AS PISSED OFF AS I AM???!?!? i mean they dont even ATEMPT to be a real flash. PLEASE put SOME effort into your flash. IF YOU CANT EVEN GET A 1 OUT OF 5 THIS DOESNT MEAN YOUR FLASH IS GOOD. It means it fucking sucks and you need to either give up flash, or get some real ucking talent and actually TRY (i know kids, it is hard to actually try to be funny and make a decent flash) then who knows, we might give you some respect. But if you don't, well there is no better way of putting it,


Posted by sk8erguy321 - December 9th, 2008

Why is there so much fucking garbage in the portal that makes it through? Fucking FUCK!!! I absolutly hate people who come up with the dumbest fucking flashes (Kitty krew and jaguar man just to name a couple) and somehow people are giving them 10 on review and they are getting through? What the Fuck? Am i the only who is sick of this dumb shit? I will vote 0 on these flashes every single day i am on here just because they are so terrible!!! Please newgrounds make it harder for flashes to get through or else we are going to have an endless supply of dumbass artists and their fuckhead friends letting their terrible (and yes terrible is an understatement) flashes on this site!