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WHEN WILL IT STOP!!!!????!?!?!?!?

2008-12-26 02:12:32 by sk8erguy321

Oh my fucking god! Are you fucking kidding me. The review pick of the week is the fucking socom squad! Is everyone on this website just getting fucking retarded? i came to this site seeing some of the greatest flash artists ever! Tomorrows nobodies, Blockhead, Weebl and bob, Bitey of Brackenwood, RAB, Awesome by Egoraptor. And now we have fucking retards, DUMB ASS FUCKING MORONS RUINING OUR PORTAL! IS ANYBODY AS PISSED OFF AS I AM???!?!? i mean they dont even ATEMPT to be a real flash. PLEASE put SOME effort into your flash. IF YOU CANT EVEN GET A 1 OUT OF 5 THIS DOESNT MEAN YOUR FLASH IS GOOD. It means it fucking sucks and you need to either give up flash, or get some real ucking talent and actually TRY (i know kids, it is hard to actually try to be funny and make a decent flash) then who knows, we might give you some respect. But if you don't, well there is no better way of putting it,



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2008-12-26 05:42:15

I seldom see straightforward pointfull blogposts like this, keep at it! And I'll keep voting 0 on crappy under judgement submissions despite the risks of not getting any BP for it . . .


2008-12-27 03:16:49


sk8erguy321 responds:

Yeah i laughed too when i saw you cant even get a fucking 1 out of 5 on your flashes...


2008-12-27 04:31:52

Drama whore is whore