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heath ledger

i love you heath ledger

why cant i be a penguin?

please joe cartoon, MAKE ME INTO A PENGUIN!!!!

I really wanted to see him use.....

the big ass pistol that the giant had. Great job!

couldn't have said it better myself!

Very informative 5/5 10/10

JujubeLock responds:


you got skill and it looks promising

2 words: color and sound. You get those 2 down as well as your animation and newgrounds might have a new flash series to promote. Great job on your first flash

Absolute garbage

Terrible sounds, Terrible animation, Terrible plot, Terrible jokes. The only good thing is..... wait there isn't anything good about this movie. Don't submit your garbage into the portal

Fautzo responds:


Funny but made me feel bad......

...i just bought a pack of those yesterday.

As for the flash; Good story line but make the .1% do other stupid things instead of the same thing every time

overall nice work for a small flash

hmcdlspcmnstr responds:

Yeah, I've been kind of sick and kind of lazy the past couple of days, I guess this is the result


I shed a tear for the true beauty and truth in this cartoon! 10/10

Yes, yes and more yes!

excellent! your use of pokemon in this is quite unique. It works quite well with all of the jokes (i laughed at how effective the attacks were). You were spot on for how a pokemon battle goes down, and included not only evolving but the perfect music for the battle and the evolution (not to mention the cool shades and the white house background).

Overall great job!

haha i surprisingly enjoyed that

I am a pretty strong beliving christian and i enjoyed that cartoon. I know not all muslims are like that, hell none ofthe muslims i know are like that. It is just an extremist branch of muslims. But you all have to admit they did take it way too far. When i see something making fun of christianity i want to give people the real facts like an actual person, not just blow shit up and be all pissed off. But If the musilms took so much offense to this cartoon, then why arent you stopping all of these extremists? It is true that i havent seen one christian extremist kill in the name of their religion and i dont think that anyone should die in the name of religion. But the cartoon was very funny and you need to relax, its just a cartoon. It is what one person thinks, and you're going to waste your time trying to convince one person to think different when you could be out trying to stop all of this religious hatred!

i had my account taken over, but got it back as of May 10th 2007 so everything before that isn't me and sorry for any offense people may take from comments made. Most weren't me, but almost all the BBS were written by me.

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