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very very bias game

it seemed the enemy would get 4 5 or 6 every single time no matter what. very unfair and turned me off to this game

the game froze

right after i beat it. it just goes to a black screen that makes a noise whe i click on it. other than that great game

Deleting my review....

...Will not make this cartoon any better. Only you can make your flashes better and i would suggest maybe a plot and um a couple decent jokes instead of wasting your time when you know just as the rest of us that this flash is absolutely terrible

good idea but

way too hard. if you could slow it down, then gradually get harder, but this hits you like a brick. Do different levels with different powerups (auto color next ball, automatic lenth) get creative

excellent game, 2 things to fix

1. an ending after you take over every town, otherwise it doesn't give you any satisfaction in beating it.

2. a sell all items in the shop so you don't have to keep clicking and dragging items to sell them

otherwise an awesome game

possily one of

the best games on newgrounds. I mean there is so much to do, so much to unlock, I usually play it, beat it, then come back a week later and it is brand new. My favorite is the deathmatch on the pirate ship with all weapons and powerups maxxed out. Have fun playing this awesome game everyone :)

ok i guess

it had a good plot and all but wtf is up with the endin? we need some sex!

i had my account taken over, but got it back as of May 10th 2007 so everything before that isn't me and sorry for any offense people may take from comments made. Most weren't me, but almost all the BBS were written by me.

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